talent_widget_lw As a professional Circus & Performing Arts Organization, with over 18 years of experience providing premiere entertainment and instruction, we have a variety of great options for any event!
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  • Want to take a class but money is tight? We offer scholarships, payment plans and barter opportunities for adults and kids!  Read More 
  • Get certified in falling, grappling, punches, kicks in our Society of American Fight Directors Unarmed Combat class.  Read More 
  • Congratulations to AG teacher David Catlin and AG rigging specialist Isaac Schoepp on their Jeff nominations. Moby Dick pulled in 6 total! Read More 
  • Apparently The Actors Gymnasium and upper body strength are synonymous. What do you do to get ready for classes at AG?  Read More 
  • 1. They buy their first class  Read More 
  • You spoke, we listened - our Early Childhood class times and days have been reworked to be easier to access. Check it out!  Read More 
  • Actors - aren't you lucky that AG teaches TWO of this techniques?  Read More 
  • Just a reminder that we are finishing up the office shuffle today, making room for the amazing new talent in the office. Please be patient with us during this time. All calls and emails will be answered once we are up and running again. Read More